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12 Months Isn’t Too Early to Meet the Dentist

First-time parents have a lot to think about, but one milestone that shouldn’t be missed is baby’s first trip to the dentist. Establishing healthy dental habits early sets up a child for good overall health practices. Many think they can wait until their children are toddlers before visiting the dentist, but you can start a bit earlier.

When Should a Child Have the First Dental Exam?

According to the Canadian Dental Association, a child should visit the dentist within six months of their first tooth eruption or by the age of one. Some children have teeth that come in later, so the Association recommends all children see a dentist by age one to identify any early problems.

Why Take Your Infant/Toddler to the Dentist?

Some parents don’t recognize the benefit of taking a young child to the dentist. Most think a child will not cooperate. Dental offices that regularly care for children understand how to work with infants, their tiny mouths, and large temperaments. They are able to perform a very quick cleaning and inspection and help a small child feel relaxed. You’ll also learn important practices for dental health so you can support your baby as s/he grows.

Why a Child Needs an Early Dental Exam

An early inspection will determine whether your home cleaning techniques are working. Little children can be challenging, but experienced dentists have a number of tricks they can share to improve your techniques.

Second, if there are any problems developing in your child’s mouth, your dentist will find and fix them before they become major issues. A quick cavity repair beats a root canal any day. Also, certain applications (such as sealants) can help prevent cavities and fluoride treatments may reverse damage already forming.

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