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Drinks That May Cause Teeth Yellowing or Discolouration

Whitening products do little good if we constantly bathe our teeth with drinks that stain them. A white smile makes us look younger; a yellow smile can age us and be an indicator of enamel erosion. Help keep your teeth white and enamel strong and by avoiding these teeth-yellowing drinks:

Coffee is a notorious stainer of teeth. It’s also a beverage many people enjoy and are unlikely to avoid. You can avoid yellowing your teeth by drinking coffee through a straw. A straw prevents the coffee from coming into contact with front teeth and limits the contact with back teeth as well. While this might be odd to do in wintertime, it’s a perfect solution for iced coffee drinkers.

Red wine is also a well-known teeth-staining culprit. White wine is not completely innocent, either.  Both colours of vino contain teeth-yellowing tannins and acid that can slowly erode tooth enamel and weaken teeth, making them more susceptible to staining. If tooth enamel erosion is already a problem for you, consider seeing a cosmetic dentist in Sarnia.

Acidic and Sweet Drinks
Fruit juice is a common breakfast drink for young and old alike. However, all flavours are highly acidic and sugary. The acidity erodes tooth enamel and the sugar (natural or added) promotes cavities. The combination can yellow teeth and lead to tooth decay. Most sodas and “sports drinks” are also a threat because they contain this one-two punch of acid and sugar. Some of these drinks are sugar-free, but they are still acidic and may erode tooth enamel.

Avoid acidic and sweet fruit juices, soda, and sports drinks as much as possible and use a straw when consuming them to limit the contact of liquid to the surface of the teeth. If tooth decay or staining is already present, cosmetic dentistry can help restore a healthy, white smile.

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