If you’re seeking a Sarnia Dentist, look no further than Lambton Family Dental. Our Sarnia patients enjoy excellent oral health with regular check-ups and preventative care from our team of professionals.

If you’ve ignored your oral health, restorative and reconstructive services can painlessly correct problems before they become serious issues. Regular visits with our Sarnia dentists will improve your smile’s appearance.

Dental needs change over time. Lambton Family Dental can help address the health and appearance of teeth at every stage of life:

  • Children - Good dental habits start young. Children who visit the dentist early develop excellent oral hygiene and lower the chance of developing serious dental problems, cavities, and gum disease.

  • Adolescence - Dietary and lifestyle changes occur as children become teenagers, changing oral and overall health. It is important for teens to book regular visits with a Sarnia dentist to ensure teeth and gums remain healthy.

  • Adulthood - Whitening and veneers are great options for adults who have healthy mouths but want to improve the appearance of their smiles.

  • Seniors – Teeth and gum health are important throughout life, especially when an older patient wants to keep all (or most) of their teeth, and/or has partials or dentures that need attention. Oral health affects every part of our bodies, especially as we enter our later years.

A visit to Lambton Family Dental in Sarnia every six months ensures your teeth will feel and look their best. Talk to us today about family dentistry services and make excellent oral health a priority for you, your parents, and your children. Call us at (519) 344-5747to schedule a consultation.


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