Dentures in Sarnia


Life can be a constant struggle if you have missing teeth. Premature tooth loss can also result in a old, sunken appearance. Dentures in Sarnia are natural-looking artificial teeth that restore your quality of life by helping you speak clearly, eat properly, and restore the natural facial structure and appearance.

If you've lost teeth due to accident, injury, or gum disease, the dentists at Lambton Family Dental can create a removable partial or full denture to replace the missing teeth. Not only do these dental prosthetics restore a full smile, partials prevent your remaining teeth from shifting. They can correct your bite, improve chewing ability and speech articulation, and support cheeks and lips to preserve a more youthful appearance.

A partial denture replaces multiple teeth on the upper or lower arch. It fits much like a puzzle piece with existing teeth. Partials may be attached to hidden clasps that fit on existing teeth. For a more stable and permanent solution, implant retention is available.

Full dentures replace all teeth on the upper, lower, or both arches. While natural suction or denture adhesive can hold dentures in place, many people prefer implant-retained dentures for a hassle-free and dependable prosthetic.

Our doctors will examine your mouth, discuss your situation, and help you determine the best solution for replacing missing teeth. With our in-house lab, we are able to repair a broken denture/partial within an hour.

In addition to providing restorative and reconstructive services, Lambton Family Dental helps patients sustain excellent oral health. Regular dental checkups and preventative care are an essential part of overall health. Our team of professionals are highly trained and experienced in improving the quality of your smile and the comfort of your dentures.

Our on site denturist provides great care in a full-service denture clinic. Call today to schedule your “smile consultation” at (519) 344-5747. Talk to us about your oral health needs; we will create a plan just for you to help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.


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