Emergency Dentist / Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Sarnia

What happens when a young child falls and loses a tooth? If it’s not a “permanent” one, it’s likely some ice or a Popsicle might be enough to soothe their pain and help them through the immediate trauma. However, if your child needs that tooth, it could be saved. In this instance, an emergency dentist in Sarnia is the person to call. They can advise you what to do until arrive at the office and receive professional help.

Perhaps you’re ignoring some pain, and you suspect those wisdom teeth you never had removed are the cause. You wake in the night, unable to sleep – the soreness is too much to bear. It’s definitely time to call your dentist and get help as soon as possible for wisdom tooth extraction. Sarnia patients who’ve received this treatment in our clinic received gentle care and pain management.

Say you’re flossing your teeth and a crown pops off, leaving a big gap in your mouth. It might be something you can live with for a few days, or it might be painful and irritating. In that instance, the emergency dentist in Sarnia is available to take your call and can get the crown back in place before the problem worsens.

When there’s a dental emergency, seek treatment right away. Lambton Family Dental provides prompt attention to those who need our immediate services. Our team of professionals provide patient-centered care.

A dental emergency can unexpectedly happen any time of day. Tolerating a missing tooth or enduring severe wisdom tooth pain can be excruciating. If left untreated, dental emergencies can have a long-lasting consequences for both teeth and overall health.

Dental emergencies that require immediate treatment:

  • Chipped Tooth - A broken or chipped tooth can result from tooth decay, clenching, grinding, and external trauma. Its sharp edges can potentially irritate the tongue or cheek.
  • Cracked Tooth - Decay can create a weakened tooth structure, making it crack easily, causing further damage.
  • Jaw Pain - Clenching, grinding, and temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) are among the causes of jaw pain. An abscessed tooth or tooth decay can send pain radiating to the jaw.
  • Knocked Out Tooth - Sports injuries and other forms of external trauma can knock a tooth from its socket. Severe gum diseases can also cause the tooth to fall out.
  • Broken Crown or Filling - Tooth decay is the most common cause of a broken crown or filling. It can form underneath them both. Other possible causes of breakage include clenching, grinding, fractured tooth, and external trauma.

If you a have major pain or experience an accident requiring an emergency dentist or wisdom or tooth extraction in Sarnia, contact Lambton Family Dental. We are available to help alleviate discomfort and address any oral health concern you or a loved one is experiencing. When you have an emergency, you’re at your most vulnerable. Let our caring staff help you feel better faster: (519) 344-5747.


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