Avoid Pain and Alignment Issues by Extracting Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are large molars that develop in the back recesses of the mouth and jawline. There is no definite answer why people have them, because wisdom teeth seem to be “left over” from a time when humans needed more chewing capacity.

Many of us have a hard time accommodating developing wisdom teeth. They emerge and become fully formed if there is room in the back of the gums. However, without ample space, these teeth will cause pain (and possibly infection and other dental problems).

Crowding Teeth

The most common problem caused by wisdom teeth is angular development. Since these molars grow from a contoured portion of the jawline, they can interfere with the line and development of other teeth. They can even grow upside down.

Chronic Pain

The upper and lower rows of teeth grow in a pattern like pieces of a puzzle. If wisdom teeth have little room and erupt at poor angles, they stress the alignment of other teeth. If a single wisdom tooth is out of natural bite alignment, it will compromise other oral features. Once fully developed, wisdom teeth take up quite a bit of space in the mouth. If they grow beyond the other teeth’s ability to adjust, chronic pain can occur for years.

Wisdom teeth can present problems early in one’s life. Lambton Family Dental will X-ray wisdom teeth at the first sign of trouble, and work with you to create a plan to address any issues or pain. Our experienced staff is skilled at removing wisdom teeth (even severely impacted ones), and making you as comfortable as possible before, during, and after the procedure. Call our office at (519) 344-5747 for an appointment and evaluation. No one should endure pressure and pain from wisdom teeth.