Healthy teeth patient at dentist office

Important Questions You Should Ask Your Dental Hygienist

Do you brush regularly but still worry about your teeth? Do you wonder if you floss enough? Improper dental hygiene can lead to more than cavities. Poor oral health is linked to other health risks including diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Here are some important questions to ask your dental hygienist on during your next dental appointment:

How to Prevent Gingivitis, Tooth Decay and Other Illness
To keep a mouth healthy, eat a balanced diet and see your dentist regularly. Practice good oral hygiene and brush at least twice a day. Medical conditions (as well as chemotherapy treatment and medications) can impact your dental health. Ask your dentist and hygienist about everything that’s going on with you, health-wise.

Frequency of Dental Visits
According to the American Dental Association adults should see a dentist once or twice each year (even if their dental health is excellent). Getting professional cleanings on a regular basis provides constant communication and the opportunity for early detection of a problem. Ask your hygienist if your X-rays are up to date.

Home Care
Most of us know to brush and floss daily. Your hygienist will also want to discuss:

  • Use of tobacco products
  • Whether your diet includes vegetables and fruits
  • Your consumption of snacks with high sugar content
  • Use of fluoride/dental products

Dental X-rays are taken early in a dentist-patient relationship because they help the dentist study and keep a record of what’s going on deep inside the teeth and gums. By being able to compare previous X-rays with new changes that may have occurred, the dentist can discover potential problems. Most adults are given a full series of X-rays every four years and “bitewing” X-rays annually. If you are not high risk for dental issues, you might be X-rayed as infrequently as every two years.

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