When to Use Soft, Medium, or Hard Bristled Toothbrushes

When to Use Soft, Medium, or Hard Bristled Toothbrushes

Brushing teeth is crucial to good dental health. It is important to use the proper type of toothbrush to be effective and help gums. The choices of toothbrushes fall into three main categories: soft, medium or hard. The bristles on toothbrushes have different strengths and benefits:


Soft bristle toothbrushes are the most often recommended by dentists because they are gentle on teeth and gums while being able to remove bacteria and plaque. This is a brush that is useful for both children and adults and is able to brush close to the gum without irritation. Some harsher bristle toothbrushes can irritate gums.

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Some people feel more comfortable using a medium bristled toothbrush to clean teeth. Medium strength bristles may clean more effectively than softer ones that may push out or bend. This kind of bristle can be harsh on gums if pressure is too heavily applied when brushing.


Hard toothbrushes are not recommended for everyday use on natural teeth because they can be too hard on gums and tooth enamel. Occasional use for stain removal will not cause harm. This type of toothbrush may be beneficial for cleaning dentures or partial teeth that are stained by foods and/or drinks.

When to Use Soft, Medium, or Hard Bristled Toothbrushes

Brushing and flossing twice daily is essential to good mouth, gum, and tooth health. The other vital part of oral care is regular dental visits. Remove built-up plaque that can lead to tooth decay with thorough cleanings that a toothbrush alone cannot accomplish. Lambton Family Dental will provide tooth care from a baby’s first tooth on — using expert techniques. Call us today at (519) 344-5747 to schedule an appointment and improve your tooth health.