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Dental Scaling “101”

Gingivitis and other gum diseases are serious issues that need to be treated promptly. Inflammation of the gums caused by a buildup of plaque, debris, and bacteria is nothing to ignore. In this instance, teeth and gums must be professionally cleaned to prevent the problem from worsening and to avoid tooth loss. Dental scaling is a common treatment administered to prevent problems arising from dirty teeth.

The Process

Dental scaling can only be performed by a professional dentist. S/he will first examine the severity of your condition and then proceed with a careful cleaning, done by hand with instruments that scrape away debris and plaque. An ultrasound device may also be used to loosen the plaque with vibration. The process will remove tartar, plaque, and biofilm that is lodged below the gum line. Depending on the severity of the plaque, treatment may require a few sessions.

Dental Scaling “101”

Does it Hurt?

If you are suffering from severe gingivitis and your gums are highly sensitive, the dentist may provide a numbing solution before the treatment. Mild discomfort is normal, and you may experience increased sensitivity after scaling. In this case, the dentist may recommend a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Avoid hot or cold food and drinks.

Who Needs Scaling?

Getting an occasional deep cleaning on your teeth is recommended for everyone. This is especially true for those of us who smoke, take prescription medication, have diabetes, or suffer from a history of poor dental hygiene. If your gums bleed after brushing, see a dentist immediately to talk about treatment options.

Dental Scaling “101”


Maintain your teeth and gums with daily brushing and flossing both in the morning and evening. Try to avoid sugary foods and acidic drinks that can cause a bacterial build-up in the mouth.

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Dental Scaling “101”

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