How DIY Dentistry Can Harm Your Dental Health

How DIY Dentistry Can Harm Your Dental Health

Many people from around the world are crazy about do-it-yourself trends. While some DIY trends offer cost-effective solutions for various home projects, they have spilled over into dental health care and orthodontics, and have caused serious oral health issues.  The Internet is brimming with plenty of how-to videos. Some of the most popular DIY dental trends include using lemon and charcoal to brighten teeth, making your own braces, and removing your tooth at home. You might think you will be saving money but these DIY dental trends can have serious and long-term negative implications on your oral health.

The Rise of DIY Dentistry

You can find numerous and readily available DIY dental kits and videos that offer tricks, tips, and home-grown solutions for particular dental problems that should only be handled by a dentist or hygienist. Unfortunately, some people choose the DIY dentistry route not only because they are popular but also because they seem like effective alternative solutions to basic dental treatments they can’t otherwise get due to inaccessible locations and financial limitations.

Google and YouTube can yield you literally thousands of how-to videos and blogs on DIY dentistry. The promise to help fix your teeth for cheap has enticed more people to turn to these risky solutions.

So, before you decide to take your dental health into your own hands, think it over many times and, instead, visit the nearest dentist in your local area.

Top 6 DIY Dentistry Procedures You Must Avoid

1. DIY Braces and Aligners

DIY braces can cause irreparable damage to the teeth

Not everybody can afford dental braces, so it’s not a surprise why some try to straighten their teeth themselves. There are numerous search results for gap bands on YouTube, showing people using rubber bands to tie pairs of teeth to pull them closer and close the gap. If you think you have saved thousands of dollars on braces, the consequences that come with DIY braces are far-reaching.

Some people may not realize that moving your teeth is a complex process. It takes years of training before professionals are licensed to provide orthodontic treatments. Before you decide to move your teeth on your own, you must also consider the condition of your teeth, gum, and bone. Without addressing these issues, the use of homemade braces to straighten your teeth could result in intense pain and even tooth loss. If interested in making adjustments to your teeth and smile, consult only with your dentist and dental professional team about treatment options.

2. At-Home Tooth Extraction

Unless it is a loose baby tooth, pulling your own teeth can do you more harm than good. Although there are many videos on how to pull a tooth out at home, dentists strongly advise against this common DIY practice since it can cause cavitation, an infection within the hole in the bone where the tooth once resided. The dentist uses sterile dental instruments to extract the teeth and clean the surgical area properly. Without proper tools and training, DIY tooth extraction can snap the root before it is completely taken out. This can cause an infection and may require surgery to treat the problem.

3. Whitening Treatment

 Charcoal teeth whitening can cause enamel erosion

Some people will go the distance to whiten their teeth. Lemon juice and powdered charcoal are among the most popular DIY teeth whitening options. However, there is no scientific evidence that charcoal is an effective teeth whitener. While it might work, charcoal is abrasive, which can wear away your tooth enamel. This causes the lower layers of the teeth to easily stain. On the other hand, rubbing your teeth with lemon juice can also cause tooth erosion.

4. Snap-On Veneers

Wearing snap-on veneers can increase plaque buildup

It is no secret that not all people can pay for a cosmetic dental procedure to enhance the condition of their teeth. That is why snap-on veneers have become a popular alternative for dental enhancement. However, this DIY trend is not a one-size-fits-all solution. A bad fit can cause significant damage to your gums and jaw. Additionally, using snap-on veneers may make your teeth look healthy and beautiful, but it masks the root cause of the problem, which needs to be addressed clinically.

5. DIY Plaque Removal

 DIY plaque removal has multiple side effects

While many local drug or grocery stores sell dental scrapers to remove plaque on the surface of your teeth, dentists do not recommend using them. Proper plaque removal requires special education and training to safely scrape off plaque and tartar buildup without damaging your gums and teeth. Since these tools are sharp, incorrect use of DIY plaque scrapers can result in gum damage and recession. You can also accidentally shove the tartar under the gumline, causing various oral health issues.

6. DIY Dentistry Filling

While DIY temporary fillings are sold on the market, it is still crucial to visit a dentist and have your teeth examined. Even if you have the materials needed, without a dentist, you only know where the pain is. It will be impossible to determine the cause of the pain and its exact location. Without proper diagnosis, you end up ignoring the underlying cause of the problem, which will likely require extensive dental treatment to correct the issue. Leave the diagnosis and treatment to your dentist that has years of specific training and experience in the field.

Why Visit a Dentist

Rest easy knowing you have a dentist you can trust

If you are thinking about resorting to DIY dental care beyond regular oral hygiene, do yourself a favour and schedule a quick consultation with a trusted Sarnia dentist. The dentist will help you find or provide a proper and safer solution whatever your dental problems are. A regular checkup every 6 months ensures that your teeth, gums, and mouth are in top condition. No matter how popular a DIY dental craze may be, keep in mind that no amount of money is saved when you use DIY dentistry. You will end up experiencing more pain and pay an even more expensive treatment to correct the problem.

Visiting a family dental clinic in Sarnia is the safest place where you will receive the proper dental care and treatment. Unlike the manufacturers of DIY dentistry, dentists understand the unique needs and challenges of each patient and will provide a personalized treatment plan to address the concerns. Instead of jumping aboard the DIY dentistry bandwagon, talk to a dentist and help save yourself time, frustration, money, and pain.

Knowing who to trust is key to ensuring the health of your teeth, gums, and mouth. Relying on a trustworthy dentist means you have peace of mind knowing that you do not only get the right dental treatment, but also you have someone who will look out for you and provide preventive dental care for potential oral health problems.

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