9 Reasons You Need Dental Implants

9 Reasons You Need Dental Implants

Dental implants are an excellent solution for those looking to enhance their smile. However, its advantages do not stop at improving aesthetic appearances. These dental appliances can provide you with other benefits. In certain situations, dental implants can improve your quality of life.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial, replacement teeth that are installed in the areas of the jawbone. To serve as mounts and keep the replacement teeth in place, titanium cylinders are surgically implanted below the gums.

The procedure must be done by a licensed dentist and conducted in a facility with proper dental equipment. Doing so minimizes health risks and ensures your safety.

What Are the Different Types of Dental Implants?

There are three common types of dental implants which are designed for specific cases and oral conditions:

  • Endosteal Implants – This is the safest and most basic kind of dental implant. However, it requires a structurally healthy jawbone for the implant fixture or post to properly fuse.
  • Subperiosteal Implants – This is specially designed for patients who do not have enough bone in the jawline area. Unlike endosteal implants, it does not require extensive surgery.
  • Zygomatic Implants – This is the most complex type of dental implant. These are anchored into the cheekbone instead of the upper jaw.

Why Should You Consider Dental Implants?

It’s natural to have some reservations regarding the procedure, especially because it involves surgery. However, you can rest assured that when handled by an expert, dental implants are more reliable than any other dental restoration procedures.

Here are some convincing reasons why dental implants are the way to go:

  • Dental Implants Look and Feel Like Real Teeth

difference between real teeth and dental implants

One of the biggest advantages that implants have over other cosmetic teeth replacement solutions is that they capture the natural feeling of real teeth. Some patients who have gone through the procedure cannot feel the difference between real teeth and implants, which makes it easy for you to adapt to it.

  • Implants Restore the Natural Functions of Lost Teeth

    Another huge advantage that dental implants have is its ability to mimic the natural characteristics of real teeth. With the added natural feel to these replacements, your mouth will be able to function normally as if you hadn’t lost a tooth at all.

Some of the tooth functions that can be regained by choosing dental implants are the following:

    • Your bite force is fully restored, allowing you to handle tougher food.
    • The implants can fully take over the functions of commonly extracted teeth such as molars, allowing for better digestion.
    • Dental implants can also be cleaned the same way as normal teeth so you can continue with your regular oral hygiene routine without any issues.
  • Dental Implants Are More Reliable Than Dentures

Dentures don’t last long

Dentures tend to get loose over time, which makes some patients feel nervous when they laugh or move their jaw excessively. Having your dentures slip out in public accidentally is not a particularly desirable result and can lead to some emotional distress.

Dental implants eliminate the need for removable dentures and any resulting inconveniences. You no longer need to be concerned about your teeth falling or getting misplaced. Implants are securely locked in place by screws and titanium cylinders. You can perform any kind of mouth or jaw movement at your leisure.

  • Implants Are Durable and Can Last a Lifetime

Teeth replacement solutions such as dental bridges can last only up to 10 years or so before they eventually need to be replaced. Dentures have a shorter lifespan, from 5 to 7 years at most depending on usage and maintenance.

Implants, on the other hand, have an edge when it comes to the durability department. With proper maintenance, dental implants are long-lasting and rarely need replacements.

These are the advantages dental implants have over other prosthetic solutions and why you should consider dental implants as a treatment option:

    • The fixtures or posts that are inserted into the jawbone as well as the screws on the crown are made of titanium, one of the most durable metals.
    • The crown or the prosthetic tooth is made of durable materials such as metal, metal fused porcelain, or all-ceramic making them highly resistant to damage caused by food, bacteria, and acidic substances.
    • Proper oral maintenance can enhance the durability of the prosthesis and make them last a lifetime.
  • Dental Implants Prevent Bone Loss

Preserve bone volume

Having vacant, toothless spaces in the jawbone can cause the bone in those areas to deteriorate due to the lack of stimulation. Also, if the space left by the extraction is not filled up after a year, the bone area loses its volume by up to 25% and will gradually continue to deteriorate as time passes.

To prevent this, it is highly recommended that you get dental implants to restore stimulation and prevent the loss of bone volume in the jaw.

  • Having Dental Implants Prevent Your Face From Sagging

Prevent premature aging

Facial sagging is another unfortunate side-effect of the loss of jawbone volume. The distance between the nose and the chin will gradually become smaller as the lower third part of the face starts to collapse due to bone loss.

Other visible changes include the following:

    • An excessive amount of wrinkles around the mouth
    • Lips will begin to thin out
    • The chin becomes exceedingly pointed or elongated
    • The face will look older

A dental implant can fill vacant areas in the mouth after it has fully healed from extraction procedures.

  • Dental Implants Can Prevent From Misalignment

Having gaps in your jawline can cause other teeth to lean left or right. This constant shifting of positions will eventually lead to misalignment.

Misaligned teeth can lead to all sorts of oral problems such as:

    • Allowing small gaps to develop between teeth where bacteria can settle eventually leading to gum disease
    • Hindering your ability to enunciate words.
    • Putting pressure on other teeth causing wear and tear

Dental implants can help keep your teeth straight and in the process, prevent the aforementioned problems from occurring.

  • They Help Improve Your Appearance

perfect smile is the best accessory

Having missing teeth can often keep a person from smiling. This is one of the reasons why dental implants have become popular with the general public. It gives you the ability to smile with a full set of natural-looking teeth, makes your smile look dazzling, and allow you to leave a good impression.

  • Hassle-free Maintenance

Tooth replacement solutions often require you to buy special and costly types of products for cleaning. Moreover, great care must be observed when cleaning; otherwise, you might end up damaging your dental appliances in the process.

Dental implants, on the other hand, provide hassle-free maintenance. This means you can easily clean them by regular brushing and using normal oral care tools and products such as toothpaste, dental floss, and mouthwash.

With all the advantages that you can get with dental implants, there’s no reason for hesitation. Not only are they often considered the best teeth prosthetics available, they can also increase your quality of life. Consult your dentist if you are interested in getting them to see if you are a candidate for this treatment option.

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