When Sedation Dentistry Is the Best Option for You

When Sedation Dentistry Is the Best Option for You

Not only do some children fear the thought of sitting in the dental chair and undergoing a procedure. Some adults may find it uncomfortable visiting a clinic and having their mouth checked. No matter their reasons, the need to have a regular dental checkup is imperative for both oral and overall health.

While fear of the dentist may seem illogical, good, caring clinics make dental exams, cleanings, and procedures as relaxed and comfortable as possible. One approach that can assist a fearful or anxious dental patient is referred to as “sedation dentistry.”

When Sedation Dentistry Is the Best Option for You

Finish the Job Quickly

Some patients become uneasy sitting in the chair while a dentist is performing a procedure. Sedation can help a patient relax (or even sleep) while the doctor does his/her work. By having a calm patient, the dentist can get the work done quickly and efficiently. Depending upon the degree of sedation the patient may have full, little, or no memory of the event.


One of the many fears of dental work is people worry about pain. A major benefit to sedation dentistry is it completely eliminates any pain felt during the procedure. It also negates the possibility of imagined pain or injury that may occur in a particularly anxious patient.

When Sedation Dentistry Is the Best Option for You

Sedated but Awake

Although the patient is in a calmer state, sedation dentistry does not necessarily completely “knock out” a patient or render them unconscious. Patients who are sedated can still be able to respond while the dentist is doing the work.

No Painful Memory

A bad experience can remain with a person for years, preventing them from getting the oral health care they need. However, the memory of a painless dental procedure can help children and people of all ages overcome dental care fears.

When Sedation Dentistry Is the Best Option for You


Patients who wish to pursue this sort of treatment can afford sedation dentistry because it is not exhorbitantly expensive. In fact, many insurance plans cover it.

If you have oral health issues that require immediate dental care, but have worries about pain or anxiety, contact Lambton Family Dental. We provide a calm, caring atmosphere. We offer sedation dentistry among a wide range of dental services. Contact us at (519) 344-5747 or send us an email at [email protected] for more information.